meet the team

once upon a time…

…Two feminists caught up in a pub.

Eleanor Dryden, Publishing Director at Bonnier Zaffre, and Katy Loftus, Editorial Director at Viking, got into yet another discussion about feminism and books. They talked about how stuffy and intimidating lots of book events are, and whether it was possible for them to make a change in the real world, no matter how big or small.

So they did.

They partnered with Rosie Beaumont-Thomas, previously of Waterstones Tottenham Court Road now of Waterstones Gower Street, and roped in two friends, Hannah Boursnell (Social Media Guru), and Parastou Khiaban (Website Wizard). Together, they created a space where they hoped everyone’s voice could be heard.

That’s how Feminist Book Society started.


Eleanor Dryden


As publishing Director of Bonnier Zaffre, I’ve published a diverse range of commercial and reading group female-led fiction from number one bestsellers to thrilling new voices. I am the co-founder of Feminist Book Society and volunteer for the Feminist Library. In spring 2019, I will join Headline as Publisher for Headline Review. 


Katy Loftus


Brummie who came to the Big Smoke for the love of books eight years ago and never left. After a ton of jobs, including one as an editor of Veterinary Science textbooks, I'm still pinching myself that I get to publish actual fiction books for a living. More of an instinctive feminist than a learned one, I'm now exploring all the massive gaps in my knowledge by standing on stage and admitting them to some of the UK's leading feminist authors.


Parastou Khiaban


Feminist. Immigrant. Bookworm. Baker. Nerd.

During the day, I’m Product Manger at Penguin Random House, building apps and websites for a bunch of amazing authors.

By night, I’m a bullet-journalling, dancehall-dancing, gym-going, piano-playing bookworm, who will rope anyone I can into some sort of debate.

Evolving my feminism with each event; I’ll be the one running around with the question bowl and the crazy hair.


Hannah Boursnell

social media GURU

Mostly found furiously live-tweeting all the brilliant wisdom of our Feminist Book Society panellists. (And then posting a silly gif when I inevitably can't keep up.)

When I'm not glued to my phone*, I'm Editorial Director at Sphere non-fiction, publishing amazing women like Busy Philipps, Misty Copeland and Carrie Hope Fletcher, among many others.

I love books but I (mostly) hate book events, so the fact that I threw my Feminist Hat into the ring with these excellent women is testament to what a bloody good thing FBS is! Please like my tweets.

*I'm always glued to my phone.